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Successful Bahama’s Dry Dock project-2017

AMT Marine & Industrial Engineering ltd are pleased to announce the successful completion of numerous jobs undertaken during the dry dock period held in the Bahamas from the 29/04/17 to 15/05/17.

AMT Marine was awarded “excellent” satisfaction ratings from its corporate customer.

The main jobs of this project included:

1) Grey water main line replacement

The removal of existing grey water piping, and the installation of new piping using 316 Schedule 40 stainless steel.

Grey water main line replacement

Machinery Spaces ventilation/exhaust fans bearing replacement.

This included the renewal of bearings in 18 exhaust fan motors in machinery spaces.

Exhaust fans

Engine room transformer

This entailed replacing the customer’s Engine Room Transformer No-2 coil with the installation of lifting pad eyes as required. Also the lifting of the core to facilitate the removal of the coil, and the transport and siting of the new coil and refitting the core.


Smaller jobs included general maintenance on the Aquaduck, with a flexible coupler installation on the Master Blaster.

The Team

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