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Norwegian court awards judgement against Gas Scrubber company to AMT Marine

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

AMT Marine is pleased to announce that the Norwegian Court has awarded a judgement against Marine Global Norway, the parent company of Green Tech Marine for the non-payment of multiple invoices for the installation of the 2012 proto-type Gas Scrubber installation, for which AMT provided its services, and other work. Included in the judgement against MGN were substantial costs,and default interest, with the translation costs involved, during the hearing. The court usually bears the translation costs.

Green Tech Marine state that Innovation Norway has given 17 million NOK to contribute to the development of Green Tech Marine and its products.

Innovation Norway awarded Green Tech Marine “Innovation Company of the Year 2014”.

MGN/GTM have appealed against the judgement and AMT will continue to fight in the Norwegian court of appeal, to have all of its invoices paid.

Three companies were mentioned in court-Marine Global Norway, Marine Global Group, and Green Tech Marine.