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Repeat “Safe return to port” order

Friday, December 6th, 2013

AMT Marine are pleased to announce a repeat order from one of it’s corporate customers to install an auxiliary generator for a sister ship, which will ensure the “safe return to port facility”, should the engine room be affected by adverse circumstances.

The original installation included

Modifications to Low Temperature System

2-off cross connections DN-250 on the supply, and 2-off on the return side of the systems within the propulsion motor room were made which included isolation valves on the cross connections at each end, and on the existing systems. This required 72 metres of pipe and 14-off valves.

Fuel Skid and system modifications

From the fuel skid a new delivery line was installed which connected the aft fuel supply line to engines 4 & 5 in the aft propulsion motor room. Isolation valves were installed where they connect. A 3-way valve was installed on the starboard side of the propulsion motor room. As per the return lines and a pressure regulating valve,

Cooling Water

A cooling water supply and return for the skid was installed from the LT system.

Fuel Tank

The supply of steel and the erection of a new Foreship-designed fuel tank was made. This included vent and overflow lines connected to the existing system and the installation of remote operated valves for the inlet and filling lines. The tank was fitted with high and low level alarm float switches, and a visual contents gauge. The foundation was installed with a Genset and a save-all around the engine. A silencer, along with AMT supply supports and vibration dampers was installed with exhaust piping which included an expansion piece. The insulation of exhaust pipes and silencer were made with stainless steel cladding.

Air start system

The installation of the diesel powered air compressor was made on the foundation with the insulation of the exhaust from the diesel engine, and also the installation of client supply air receiver. All interconnecting pipes from the air compressor to the air receiver and air receiver to engine were fitted, including flexi connection valves and moisture traps, drains, pressure gauges, and the pressure transmitter.

Fuel System

A fuel tank was installed with the valves and all other mountings on the tank. This included all of the manual valves and remote operated filling

New Air Start Compressor and modifications

Cooling water

A cooling water supply and return for the compressor was installed from the LT system in the propulsion motor room.

Air receivers


The piping system from the air compressor to air receivers including valve and moisture trap/drain was fitted including a pressure switch and visual gauge. Piping from the receivers to the existing system in the propulsion motor room, including isolation valves was made including piping to a new pressure reducing station for control air.

This order will commence in January 2014.