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Successful Bahama’s Dry Dock project-2017

June 7th, 2017

AMT Marine & Industrial Engineering ltd are pleased to announce the successful completion of numerous jobs undertaken during the dry dock period held in the Bahamas from the 29/04/17 to 15/05/17.

AMT Marine was awarded “excellent” satisfaction ratings from its corporate customer.

The main jobs of this project included:

1) Grey water main line replacement

The removal of existing grey water piping, and the installation of new piping using 316 Schedule 40 stainless steel.

Grey water main line replacement

Machinery Spaces ventilation/exhaust fans bearing replacement.

This included the renewal of bearings in 18 exhaust fan motors in machinery spaces.

Exhaust fans

Engine room transformer

This entailed replacing the customer’s Engine Room Transformer No-2 coil with the installation of lifting pad eyes as required. Also the lifting of the core to facilitate the removal of the coil, and the transport and siting of the new coil and refitting the core.


Smaller jobs included general maintenance on the Aquaduck, with a flexible coupler installation on the Master Blaster.

The Team

Hi-Fog/ADG/CO2 installations achieve “excellent” customer satisfaction ratings.

March 2nd, 2017

AMT Marine & Industrial Engineering ltd are pleased to announce that the company received “excellent” satisfaction ratings from a major corporate customer on completion on the 19th of February for multiple projects.

The Hi-Fog installation completed successfully, with class approval.

IMG_0151 (3)


The Auxiliary Diesel Generator was installed and achieved class approval.



Thirdly, the CO2 system installation was completed and also achieved class approval.

CO2 installation

Cadiz dry dock

February 22nd, 2017

Cadiz Dry Dock 2016




AMT Marine & Industrial Engineering ltd are pleased to announce “excellent” satisfaction ratings from a major corporate customer, for numerous jobs that took place in Cadiz Dry Dock, throughout September 2016, which included the following;

Nos 1 Engine Alternator Rotor removal and replacement.

Thruster bearing replacement

Somat upgrade

Installation of forepeak pipes

Exhaust fan bearings replacements

Cable tray replacement

Nos 2 thruster rotor removal

Shredder installation


Rotor removal

Rotor removal

Successful fuel filter installation

July 14th, 2016

IMG_1445 (5)AMT Marine & Industrial Engineering ltd are pleased to announce the successful completion of the installation of 5-off automatic fuel filters and connecting pipework, to protect the fuel injection system on the ship’s main engines. The client a major marine engine manufacturer awarded AMT an “excellent” customer satisfaction rating following the successful test run and Lloyds passed the installation to class conformance standard.


Excellent rating for Hi-Fog Installation

November 17th, 2015

AMT Marine & Industrial Engineering ltd is pleased to announce the successful completion of a Hi-Fog Installation for one of it’s corporate customers. This involved the installation of high pressure piping, all to meet Lloyd’s approval in selected machinery spaces.The company achieved an “excellent” rating from the customer.

Norwegian court awards judgement against Gas Scrubber company to AMT Marine

January 6th, 2015

AMT Marine is pleased to announce that the Norwegian Court has awarded a judgement against Marine Global Norway, the parent company of Green Tech Marine for the non-payment of multiple invoices for the installation of the 2012 proto-type Gas Scrubber installation, for which AMT provided its services, and other work. Included in the judgement against MGN were substantial costs,and default interest, with the translation costs involved, during the hearing. The court usually bears the translation costs.

Green Tech Marine state that Innovation Norway has given 17 million NOK to contribute to the development of Green Tech Marine and its products.

Innovation Norway awarded Green Tech Marine “Innovation Company of the Year 2014”.

MGN/GTM have appealed against the judgement and AMT will continue to fight in the Norwegian court of appeal, to have all of its invoices paid.

Three companies were mentioned in court-Marine Global Norway, Marine Global Group, and Green Tech Marine.

CO2 system installation receives “excellent” award

September 4th, 2014

AMT Marine & Industrial Engineering ltd are pleased to announce the successful installation of a CO2 system for a corporate customer. This received an “excellent” satisfaction rating from the client. The system was installed 6 technical spaces not included in the original installation.

“Excellent” ratings for installations

August 13th, 2014

AMT Marine & Industrial Engineering ltd is pleased to announce the completion of a number of projects for a corporate client. AMT achieved “excellent” ratings from the customer for the modification of the low temperature system, the Alf Laval fuel system and associated pipework, and the new auxiliary generator installation; which included an air receiver starting air compressor and associated piping as required for the “safe return to port” facility.

Air receiver starting air compressor

Safe Return to Port Facility installation

June 3rd, 2014

AMT Marine & Industrial Engineering ltd is continuing to install the Safe Return to Port facility for a corporate client, which has involved the commissioning of a new fuel system in April, and the successful load testing of the newly installed Generator.

A new co2 system is also  being installed, which involved an additional 500 metres of pipe work, along with a new air compressor and air receiver unit which entailed additional pipe work.

The pressure testing and commissioning of these elements is due to be completed this month.

Seatrade Miami

February 27th, 2014

Mike Thomas, the Managing Director of AMT Marine & Industrial Engineering Ltd will be attending the Seatrade  Convention in Miami (March 2014). The company look forward to meeting representatives of its suppliers and customers, with a view to extending and improving our relationships with the stakeholders of AMT Marine & Industrial Engineering ltd.